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I would have to guess that everyone reading this site knows one of us very well and possibly knows all of us. For my first post I’d like to talk about the site and what I hope we can do with it. As you all know, I am a media pusher. I push media on my friends, my family and even random people on the street. Some of you have come to rely on me for media advice, while some are all too often disappointed with media I’ve hyped up. For me, this site will serve as a new media pushing forum. I’ll talk about all forms of media including television shows, movies, video games, music, books and electronics attempting to be funny and interesting along the way. While some of my attempts at hilarity will fail, I can assure you that those of Mr. Warshaw will not. After reading some of Warsh’s posts on his friend’s site I couldn’t stop laughing at his ridiculous rants. On this site I encourage the rants and hope they’ll bring people back to the site for more. Warsh will be providing a second opinion on media as well as cover sports. Rounding out the Trifecta we have Danny Ritterman covering electronics and sports. No words of praise need be said for Danny, but I will say that I expect he will balance out my general positivity with his negativity. Welcome to The Trifecta.

– Rich

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  1. You have entirely too much time on your hands

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