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If you were able to dig your way through the massive amount of content on this site to read what Rich said about himself, the general theme was that he is a media pusher. And like so many things before, Rich is pushing this blog on two people who he knows will say yes, but who would certainly not have done it on their own. Anyone who hangs out with Rich a lot just assumes they will be forced to watch whatever Rich wants to watch, play whatever video game he just bought, go out to eat wherever he feels like eating, and listen to whatever show he just downloaded on the ride there. It’s not a problem – we all like what Rich likes, and we hang out so rarely any more that his choices don’t have time to get old. But he’s a pusher, and so here this sleek new wordpress site is.

This might be a good time to mention that, although everyone but Ric Romero has heard way too much about blogs in the last few years, the idea to do a blog only came to Rich when 1. my good buddy Jonah started a blog then 2. went away to Scotland and 3. couldn’t write about TV anymore and 4. asked me to guest write his blog for him for a few weeks. 5. Rich read it and the rest is history. The epic, timeless history of the origins of this blog. Although now that I think back, I think Jonah (original blog-starting trailblazer) would’ve been better off writing the blog himself, but about Scottish TV. It had to be hilarious. Just awful quality shows with Scottish people everywhere. I would’ve been captivated.

So I wrote about tv shows for MMM, which I closely associated to homework – instead of just watching TV I had to write about it too. Then Rich long distance stealth-pushed this on me from St. Louis. I really felt like stopping, but its not like I have anything better to do. So, thanks for visiting our new blog. If you enjoyed it read it again sometime soon.


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  1. Just to clarify, when I’m home we usually do exactly what Warsh wants to do.

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