Michigan Sucks… TV Coverage Blows

Danny Sports

Ahhh, it’s Saturday. Saturday is an extremely satisfying day to anyone. It can symbolize so many things. The start of a great weekend, a day of recovery after a long week of work or school, or, as was the case today, the first weekend of College Football. The first week of college football is always great. I mean sure, the quality of play is terrible, but in what other sport do you see huge schools find the most obscure opponents and invite them to their stadium to get destroyed? The system is great. A team such as my Penn State Nittany Lions will invite a tiny school no one has ever heard of to State College to get pounded; and throws them a few hundred thousand dollars for their trouble. A mere drop in the bucket of money that comes along with a home football game. The small school gets a nice chunk of dough, some serious free publicity, and the opportunity to gain experience by playing a perennial football powerhouse in front of 100 plus thousand fans. The bigger school gets a nice little “preseason” game in before the real competition starts. Anyway, today was the first day of college football and, as expected, I could head home from Beaver Stadium early in the second quarter knowing my team had won their first game. My good friends over in Ann Arbor weren’t so lucky in their game against division 1-AA’s Appalachian State. Yes, that is correct, the number 5, projected Big 10 winner, University of Michigan lost to Appalachian State today.

I won’t even go into how ludicrous it is for a team like Michigan to lose to Appalachian State. Rather, I would like to look at how the game was covered on television. The Big 10 Network had the rights to several of the noon games today. Both the Penn State game and the Michigan game were on that list. Residents of Ann Arbor were able to watch their Wolverines lose in the biggest upset in college Football history, while residents of Pennsylvania were able to watch their Nittany Lions take care of business. The problem arose when it was clear Penn State was going to be victorious and the unthinkable was about to happen and no one could watch. This is Michigan, the only road bump in Penn State’s 2005 road to an undefeated season. Now, clearly there are some issues with broadcasting contracts and the like, but come on. No network, (NBC, ABC, ESPN) was even allowed to show a highlight while the game was still in progress. Not even the Big Ten Network, the station that actually had legal rights to the game, was allowed to show any of it. Finally, as the PSU game came to a close we were able to catch the final five or ten minutes of the greatest upset in college football history. Honestly, this isn’t just bad entertainment; this is bad business. As a friend of mine was saying, one of the greatest things about March Madness is that networks are able to switch to games that are going to be a close finish or a big upset. If football were able to somehow make this happen, it would up the entertainment value of watching a game tenfold. I realize this is not about to happen any time soon but it is certainly a nice thought. Then, instead of watching Penn State’s third string quarterback throw to a receiver that will never actually see any legitimate playing time in his career, I could have been watching my least favorite team embarrass themselves in front of the entire nation. Goodbye Lloyd Carr.

– Danny

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