Goodbye Flight of the Conchords, Goodbye

rich media

And so ends what might have been my favorite weekly night of TV ever, and I’m very sad to see it go. It reminds me of the time my two gerbils died, or when I first tasted pie; it’s all just very emotional stuff for me. I liked the season finale of Entourage but that is all I’ll say about Vinnie Chase and the boys. I’m actually hoping this post will entice Mr. Warshaw to give us his final thoughts on this season of Entourage. For those readers who have yet to enjoy the magic that is Flight of the Conchords, take an afternoon with HBO on Demand and give them a try. I know they’re not for everyone, but if they are for you, you’ll love them. If you didn’t like them at first, I urge you to try again; their humor ages like a fine wine. I’d like to invite all the diehard Conchords fans in for a private band meeting. For those of you who don’t like the show or who haven’t tried it yet, no need to continue reading. On to the season finale…


I had heard that HBO renewed the show for another season so I suspected the story of our two heroes would not end in success tonight. I was delightfully surprised though that Murray Hewitt Productions finally got its name on the map. While the story arcs for Bret and Jemaine are still wide open, Murray Hewitt has found his success. It took all season for Murray to stand up for himself and be heard and on the season finale his management ideas turned into serious bank. Oh Murray… you finally figured out the disturbing truth of the music business. It’s not about getting your band’s songs into greeting cards, (especially ones wishing your son a happy 80th birthday) or making CD deals with shady businessmen (who are possibly related to Quincy Jones) under bridges. It’s about being cool. Murray put that cool beer into Jemaine’s hands resulting in the hilarious ménage a few episodes back. I ask you: What’s more rock and roll then a man-man-lady threesome? Nothing. And to conclude season 1, he found a cool guy named Todd who plays the bongos. Murray puts Todd in the band, and he even suggests that the band plays the Doggy Bounce because he thought it was a cool song despite Jemaine’s hesitance (great managing Murray).

The one seemingly intelligent criticism I’ve heard repeatedly about the show is that it’s not ‘smart enough.’ I agree that a few of the episodes are very simple, but some of them also make very funny social commentaries in the subtext. The season finale was one such episode. Todd’s introduction to the Doggy Bounce was – “all you guys have to do is put down your guitars and basses and say arf arf like a little dog.” Instead of the intelligent, original and hilarious music of the Conchords getting some heat, the Doggie Bounce becomes a huge hit. Obviously no one was surprised. We all know that in the US the pop charts are dominated by musicians who don’t play their own instruments and have a song or two with a good chorus that gets stuck in all our heads. Shake That Laffy Taffy comes to mind. “Doggy dos and doggy don’ts, doggy wills and doggy won’ts… do the doggy bounce.” That quote was typed from memory. That damned Doggy Bounce is already in my head. Despite no new Conchords songs, (although Doggy Bounce technically is a Conchords song) I loved the finale. The physical comedy was the best it’s ever been: Bret doing Footloose, Jemaine fighting Todd, and every time Todd’s face went red with bongo intensity I lost my shit. Mel converting to a Crazy Dogs fan was not unexpected but was very disheartening. I can only hope Mel comes back for season 2, maybe a little rock and roll Bret and Jemaine ménage would bring her back to the Conchords side.

I really can’t say enough about how much I love the Conchords, even though Jemaine’s facial features are too deep set to be considered classically handsome. It has become more than just a TV show for me. The album rides in my car with me, making me laugh on the way to school. When I come home I throw on an episode for a pitch perfect half hour of comedy escapism. I sing the songs in my head day and night and they’re still funny after countless repetition. I really have to hand it to HBO; they have a wonderful eye for talent and employ amazing production teams. For all those as distraught as me that HBO Sundays have ended, fear not, Larry David’s 6th season of Curb starts up next Sunday. HBO is not fucking around; they really are worth the $12 a month. Quite oppositely to the TV versions of themselves, the Flight of the Conchords have garnered a huge cult following. Their first EP – ‘The Distant Future’ is out and available everywhere. You can also expect a full studio album in October as well as a new season of the show next summer. For now though, this particular flight of the Conchords has come to its end. I think I’ll end with a song, as the Conchords usually do.

(To the tune of Leggy Blonde)

Goodbye Bret and Jemaine

Flighty flighty flighty flighty
Flighty flighty flighty flighty
Flighty flighty flighty flighty
Flighty flighty flighty flighty
Flight of the Conchords


I had two gerbils but they died
(Whoa – oh – Whoa)
I like pie…

He’ll never get
He’ll never get
He’ll never get
He’ll never get to say…

Oooh Conchords you got it goin’ on
Wanna see you wearin’ that thong thong thong
See you getting on to the break of dawn
(mumbling) panties on

Goodbye Bret and Jemaine

– Rich


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  1. Team Buildin’ Exercise ’99

  2. It’s business… It’s business time!

  3. If every soldier in the wo-orld
    Put down his weapon and picked up a woman
    What a peaceful world this world would be-eee…
    When will the governments realize it’s got to be funky sexy ladies?

  4. “I’ll never get / I’ll never get to be with yer
    I’ll never get to share another cup of tea with yer”


  5. Another series of banter between Ari and Eric and turle with a love interest at last!

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