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For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Apple made their newest big announcement which has caused 4 different people in a 24 hour period to ask me if I felt cheated by apple. I first heard the news from my friend Danny, who called presumably to gloat about the fact that 3 weeks ago I paid $600 for my iPhone and now they only cost $400. My initial reaction was of course anger. I could see my Dad sitting with his bowl of cereal and newspaper shaking his head thinking – my stupid son has wasted more money. When I went to Apple’s site my $200 angst flittered away on the wind. First off, along with the $200 price drop on the iPhone they’ve also announced the first big update: The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. Now with a simple tap of my finger I can download songs from iTunes wherever I am – wonderful news. They’ve also announced the iPod Touch. I used to sit around and think about what Apple could do to make me and the masses all buy a new iPod even though we all already have one. I used to think it was reducing the physical size while adding more digital size, but I was wrong. It’s all in the interface. At the heart of all good Apple products is a simple, easy to use interface that is so sweet that it gives nerds chills, makes women say “oooh yea, that’s nice” and summons a deep desire within all of us to want to play. Check out a guided tour of the new iPod Touch if you haven’t seen it yet –

I’ll never need another iPod again thanks to the phone, but for those of you who aren’t planning on an iPhone, I expect to see you all enjoying your new iPods to the max. Apple’s stock price has been dropping pretty drastically over the past week, down from 146 to 134. Two days ago my financial father advised me to sell a pretty serious chunk of my holdings in Apple if it hit 150 again. Despite mediocre iPhone sales compared to expectations I really do believe in the products. When people see I have an iPhone they say one of two things: #1. “Can I play with it?” or something similar to #2. “I heard some company in (insert random Asian country here) has made a knock off that’s much better and cheaper.” To all the #2 people: You guys are all full of shit. You haven’t seen the knockoff, you’ve read something about it on the internet and I’m willing to bet it’s not anywhere near as perfect of a product as the iPhone. Don’t take your bitterness about not having an iPhone of your own out on me. To my father fretting over my $200 mistake, I’m quite confident that loss pales to the profits I’ll see from the stock in the coming years and I’d say it’s about time you bought some Apple for yourself in this mini slump because they truly are paving the way to the future one electronic device at a time. To all those on the fence about getting an iPhone I have these words of wisdom. AT&T’s service is not as good as Verizon’s but I have high hopes that it’ll improve over time. There will never be a better item to take with you into the bathroom. You can read the news, check your emails, respond to your emails, browse the web, all while listening to some smooth jazz. Thats right, I like listening to smooth jazz while I squeeze one out. The iPhone is damn near perfect and after two weeks of learning its ins and outs you will not be disappointed, especially with the new $400 price tag.

Later in the day Steve Jobs posted this:

– Rich

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  1. I like the site. Remind me to show you a Popular Science I have, there’s an elaborate article on the Asian bootleggers and I think you’d be surprised with a few things. Wow, this window has spell check! I guess I have to say sincerely now.
    Jared Aezen

  2. Thanks Aezen, much appreciated

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