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I just finished watching the newest episode of Weeds; I don’t think I stopped laughing once the entire half hour. After the first few episodes of the season dubious thoughts led to me to believe the series had peaked in season 2, but tonight convinced me otherwise. I think tonight’s episode was definitely the best of the season and perhaps the entire series. Andy’s military side plot has gotten funnier every episode peaking in hilarity tonight (turn on your vacume Ivan, now back off again, on again, off again); he gave up the cell phone but I’m pretty sure they sent the video of Rodriguez going down to some friends, so hopefully Andy’s discharge won’t mean we’ve seen the last of my favorite battle buddy. Doug’s entire power move to reclaim dominance over the Agrestic City Council yielded him a free golf membership tonight. Good for you Doug. After weeks of awful side plots involving Shane we get the funniest punch line of the night “Jill had an abortion.” And let’s not forget Nancy… Nancy has done some weird shit over the past couple weeks. She gave a pole dance, stripped off all her clothes and dove into a pool. Nancy’s portions of the episodes have seemed more dedicated toward pleasing horny Showtime viewers in love with the weed dealing hot mommy, then about comedy or character development. Tonight however, Nancy’s screen time was genuinely funny and actually reminded me of what I loved about the show originally: humor surrounding her absurd drug dealer life crossing over with her standard suburban life. The background music for the drive by shooting was perfect.

After seeing an episode that completely restored my faith in the series Showtime kept the good times rolling by reminding me of the monumental event that is going to occur next week in Majestic, the neighboring religious community. Mary-Kate Olsen is joining the cast as Tara, a devout Christian girl. This marks the first major project the actress has ever worked on without her twin sister (Just MK, no & A). It’s also the first project that isn’t an episode of Full House or some stupid goddamn twin sister gimmick movie where the girls go to some city or country and meet some boys and get in trouble but then get saved by the boys or their own twin sister powers. To be fair, the girls have come a long way since ‘Brother for Sale’.


Mary-Kate had a brush with anorexia (and maybe did a ton of blow) but as of next week she’s back in action in her first adult themed project ever. Silas, Silas, Silas… you lucky bastard. We all had that friend, or knew that guy who loved the Olsen twins and regularly checked the counting down until the Olsen twins turned 18 website, or would occasionally jokingly suggest watching one of their horrendous made for TV movies, but everyone could tell they weren’t really joking (Evan). Even the bassist of the band Tally Hall is one of those creepy Olsen twin guys. This is the chorus to their song called ‘Two Wuv’: “Mary-Kate and Ashley I hope you understand that I love you a lot and I want to be your man, and I think that it’d be totally cool if I hung around your apartments and enrolled in your school.” Well , guess what Evan, Tally Hall bassist, and all the Olsen twin obsessed guys out there? Next week Mary Kate will start getting her pure Christian ideals corrupted by the smooth drug dealing Silas, and I can’t wait. We can all finally live out our dreams of seducing an Olsen twin vicariously through Silas. Thank you Showtime, thank you very much.

– Rich

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  1. hey rich. nice work. MK&A were born on the exact same day as me. 6/13/86. that countdown was for my birthday too!

    haha. weeds is sick. if you don’t already, watch californication.

  2. I’ve been watching Californication Scotty boy, I’ll post my thoughts on it once we get a little deeper into the season.

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