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Last week Rich wrote that MK was going to be on weeds this week. Logically, some sort of follow up article would be expected, but it is nowhere to be found. I am a pretty big fan of weeds. I think the funniest character by far is Uncle Andy, who has been weak this season until the incredible change channel to animal planet/see two lions having some fierce lion sex/hearing the narrator talk about how the male’s dick is so enormous that it gives the female so much pain she tries to bite the male’s face, so the male bites the female’s neck and holds her down to make sure she can’t/looks around/unbuttons pants to jerk off. For sure the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in quite some time. So this week MK made her debut. Weird hair, looked very short and impish, did I mention the weird hair? It just looked strangely…wide. And she has horrible posture, my grandmother would be horrified. The short/crayon drawing hair/stooped look just wasn’t doing it for me. And then she opened her mouth. There are two distinct possibilities of theorizing Mary Kate Olsen’s performance monday night:

1. Mary Kate Olsen is an atrocious actress.

2. The character MK was portraying was so fictitious that it would be impossible for an actual person to represent.

Let’s examine. Option 1 could be true. I’ve never seen any Olsen twins movie except It Takes Two, and I didn’t watch Full House. Some people our age may find it a bit startling that I’ve seen maybe 3 episodes in my life. I certainly don’t. Maybe you were a lazy TV watcher as a kid that grew up into someone who watches The War At Home, but I wasn’t settling for Full House. From my brief, but interested viewing several years ago, this is what I hazily remember. The Uncles were so queer it still gives me the shakes. The scenes with the Olsens were equivalent to watching someone else’s baby vidoes. The one other girl, who wasn’t part of the family, was legitimately annoying. I’ll give you the theme song. And if you have some kind of argument, some sort of defensive thoughts that you are thinking right now, then I’ll give you this – it wasn’t “wrong” for you to be watching full house, but you certainly could’ve been watching something better. As for Option 2, what can I even say. 75% of the things she said were about jesus. The other 25 was about weed. Thats all the dimension there is to the character. She was in about 4 scenes and thats the only thing we know, as a result of, as they say in the rubrics, “telling”, not “showing”. And, disappointly, MK wasn’t appealing enough to carry it. If the girl was really hot it wouldn’t make a difference at all if she said some prayer on loop for the entire episode. With MK I wanted to stab myself in the face. Worth mentioning to all you freaks who stumbled upon this blog by googling “MK + photoshopped horsefucking pics.”

I wanted to write about Rescue Me also, but theres just too much to say. I started watching in the middle of season 3, and went back and immediately watched every one. I’d say I have a pretty good set of options when it comes to media, and I’d almost always drop whatever I’m doing to watch any episode. The main reason I like it, among many, is how badass the guys in it are, especially Tommy, the main character. Truly inspiring.

– Warsh

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  1. warsh,

    did you watch rescue me online? where?



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