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Hello Trifecta readers. I’m sorry there haven’t been many updates on the site lately, although I did thoroughly enjoy Danny’s Soccer post. We’ve all been busy with school, but we’ll be back to updating the site regularly in the near future. I specifically have not only been busy with school, but I’ve also been busting my ass to impress the folks over at and apparently my efforts have succeeded. Today marks the start of Rick’s Rants: Quips on Television’s Finest, a column I’ll be writing for Movieweb every other week. It’ll always be under the TV features section of the main page and I implore you all to go check it out and post comments on the article. My first column is about Showtime, specifically about Dexter, Weeds and Californication. When I post articles for Movieweb I’ll always have a link on The Trifecta to the article. Speaking of which: Rick’s Rants

The Trifecta will hopefully be crossing the 1000 hit mark this week, and I just want to thank everyone who’s been checking it out and reading. Please post your thoughts about Showtime’s shows if you have any on the movieweb article. It’d be much appreciated. I’m off to see Lupe Fiasco, peace.

– Rich

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  1. Weeds is also a really good series. Id highly reccommend watching it, its really good. If you want to check it out streams all weeds episodes free. Tell me if you like it.

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