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I would have to say the odds of the Phillies winning the NL East were pretty close to the odds of someone who writes for this blog receiving an offer to write for someplace bigger after about 2 weeks. Easily two of the most astonishing things to happen lately. The Phillies surge/the mets collapse was one thing, but Rich writing for some “official” website? He told me about it a week or so ago, and at no point did I believe him until I read the actual article. Now it seems that the Phils’ “road to the world series” was in fact a circular driveway, depositing the team right back into “we’ll get them next season” mode and the fans right back into “fuck the phillies” mode. Usually when the Phils season ends, which for the past 15 years was the last week of september (but this year, this extra special year, was 4 days after that), everyone just continues following the Eagles, gladly cheering the victories as another NFC East title got closer and closer. This year is some sort of perverse twist on that usual scenario. The Philles are the division champs, the Eagles are sucking. The only problem is this year (if the Phils lose this series…even though I’m positive Jamie Moyer will come up huge in game 3) the Phils will have already blown their title hopes while Donovan hobbles through loss after loss on Sunday. The sports landscape is completely barren. Even college…Nova broke everyone’s hearts a couple years ago (except me…Fuck Nova), and isn’t getting the stud recruits necessary for a title run. The rest of the Philly teams are between “poor” and “well coached but absolutely awful to watch”. Which is why, this morning, I thought about possibly watching the Flyers this year. They were always my favorite sports team when I was younger, and I figure that all it requires is changing the channel from sportscenter in the background while I’m on my computer over to CSN for the game. I think I could get that done. They moved to a strong 1-0 last night in Calgary, clad in their brilliant orange and crisp white unis.

– Warsh

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