Cloverfield Impresses & More of Rick’s Rants

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After one of the most enticing marketing campaigns completely brain washed me to need to see this movie the second it came out, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Its surprising to me that there is such a critical divide over Cloverfield since I’ve found over the years that critics tend to like anything different since they see the same crap over and over again. Cloverfield, on top of revitalizing a genre really did accomplish originality, a rarity in movies today. Critics adored last years The Host, a Korean monster movie that I thought was just plain boring and doesn’t hold a candle to Cloverfield. This monster movie isn’t getting nominated for best picture, but the camera work is amazing, the way they portrayed the story with cuts to our protagonist and his love interest everytime the camera got turned off is extremely intelligent, and the special effects are jawdropping. At one point our heroes seem to be victorious as they climb in a military helicopter. We the viewers, along with our heroes, get our first overhead view of the monster terrorizing Manhattan, but the beauty is fleeting; a monster tentacle whips up and catches the helicopter. Watching a helicopter crash from the viewpoint of the passengers is pretty damn cool. I’m gonna have to classify this as a must see in theaters. If you get motion sickness you might want to pop a Dramamine before you go, otherwise, enjoy the ride.


My newest Rick’s Rants is up on Movieweb in which I give a very personal account of how FOX lifted my spirits last Sunday with the new Terminator show, Family Guy and American Dad. I also express my discontent with the new American Gladiators. As always, heres the link: Rick’s Rants: Quips on Televisions Finest. I’ll be doing a TV year in review of 2007 for Movieweb, and a movie year in review for The Trifecta as soon as I’ve seen all the possiblities. I just saw the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which will certainly make my list and should be seen by all. Hopefully I’ll get to Atonement this weekend. Enjoy Cloverfield everyone, its one hell of a ride.

– Rich


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  1. cloverfield is a bullshit.

    have you ever seen blair witch project? its like the family guy scene where brian is describing the movie to a blind guy…

    nothing’s happening… nothings happening… something about a map… nothing’s happening… they found a key… nothings happening… the movie is over… everybody looks pissed.

    i dont want to ruin cloverfield for all of you, but they dont explain shit and its bullshit. you know how you know a movie is bullshit? when the credits come at the end and 4 different people in the theater say “That was some bullshit”.

    The movie was full of outrageous special effects, which are pretty cool admittedly. The acting is really really cheesy, its difficult to believe the characters when they’re just going “WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT? WHAT IS THAT?!?!?” and then at the end of hte movie *SPOILER* you dont find out shit. A big fucking amorphous monster thing came and terrorized the city and in the end everybody’s dead. sweet life.

    bottom line: cloverfield is bullshit.

  2. Why do you have to have an explanation. The movie was made from the perspective of this group of kids (who admittedly are straight out of the O.C.). These kids would never get an explanation, so neither do you. Why does a monster have to be explained? God doesn’t have to be. Will Smith’s new movie was sweet until the last 10 minutes when they started explaining shit. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Would you have liked Cloverfield better if they showed some crazy Asian experiment gone wrong? Cloverfield is a rush, and an origional one to boot. Enjoy it for what it is, and if you can’t, dont blame it on a lack of an explanation.

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