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I think we can all agree there is nothing good on TV. While there is a plainly obvious explanation for this (think knocking down all the pins in bowling), it doesn’t make it any less true. But today I watched a new show that was good enough to end my Trifecta hiatus and let you, the 15 people a day who read this website by accident, know all about it.

breaking bad

So, now we know whats on AMC between Godfather marathons. From the networks coming out of the woodwork with TV shows division we present Breaking Bad, from the people at AMC. AMC unfortunately shows movies with commercials, making them unwatchable for any long period of time but nice to flip to during commercials of a game. For their leading man they secured the services of Bryan Cranston, who played the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. He plays a high school science teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer, already has one retarded child, and his wife is pregnant. To top it all off, they are poor and in debt. He begins losing control, and eventually starts to cook and sell meth. Now I know you may be thinking “sounds like Weeds 2”, but there is a logical enough progression of events to lead to him selling meth, considering his fragile state of mind. In Weeds we jump right in with Nancy already being a drug dealer, yet nothing is ever mentioned of how she became a drug dealer, or how she makes a living selling to her 5 friends. Where Weeds pokes fun at suburbia and makes clever Bush jokes, and its dealers build bright spacious growhouses, Breaking Bad has people having mental breakdowns while sweating in their underwear in a hot RV cooking up some meth. Thats the basic outline of the show so far. His wife, played by Anna Gunn, (who played Bullock’s wife on Deadwood. The one Bullock was forced to marry because she was his brother’s wife and his brother died. Wonder when that rule died out.) , is apparently already getting suspicious in episode 2 (Sunday at 10 -you can still catch repeats of the pilot on AMC). What I am trying to say is that this show is striving to be realistic and logical, and is so much more engrossing because of it. In Weeds Nancy’s best “friend” Celia takes over 2 seasons to even realize she is dealing. This is a perfect example of the preposterous logical gaps shows will go to to avoid plot conflicts and to enhance comedic situations. While yes, these shows are funny, I also like shows where the going is hard, and things aren’t all smooth sailing for our main character just so we can have some laughs. The interesting part about this show isn’t that Walter White, Cranston’s character, is selling meth. Honestly, the premise of a show doesn’t even matter to me any more. There will never be a premise for a TV show that shocks me again. Between Sci-fi, reality, mtv and 30 seconds of a hot chick I am completely desensitized to shows with “crazy” premises. What makes this show good is that Walter is doing something very challenging and is realistically portrayed as doing it well. Cranston’s intriguing character was pretty much the only one developed during the pilot, but its interesting enough to watch and get in to. If you want, think of it as Weeds but darker, more gritty, and more realistic. And about a guy with a mustache and glasses instead of a hot chick. I give it the Trifecta’s highest stamp of approval.

– Warsh
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  1. I’m just about finished with Mad Men which has really impressed me, so I’ve got only good things to say about AMC’s original series department. With only Lost and Battlestar Galactica on the horizon for me I’ll certainly be checking out Breaking Bad.

  2. I have confidence in the show, but I’m still skeptical– who are we supposed to identify with? On Weeds, you’ve got a plethora of characters to choose from– but on Breaking Bad, there are only 3 main characters (Man, Wife, Pinkman). This was my big issue with Mad Men; the show was very well done, but I didn’t like any of the characters enough to stick with the show. Let’s hope Breaking Bad is different.

    Also, Greg’s grammar is awful.
    Greg: “Is it?”
    Me: Yes.

  3. You didn’t love Don, or empathize with his wife? Come on Jonah.

  4. Thanks for the comments guy. aside from one run on sentence, my post was grammatically perfect. And yes, there are more characters in weeds, but thats because its a comedy. I feel like we will really be getting inside the characters on breaking bad, in an interesting situation that weeds used for comedy but Breaking Bad is using for drama. Also Rich, who’s Don? The guys name is Walter. Is Don the son?

  5. Don Draper, the main character of Mad Men, and also the most bad ass dude I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch do business.

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