Kevin Hart – Victim of the Most Evil College Football Recruiting Prank of All Time? part 2

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EDIT: Ok, so now it is known that Kevin Hart was, in fact, lying. I’m not gonan sit here and ex post facto you, so I’ll leave this up. While it is not totally wrong, it was based on “news” that was “reported”, such as the police involvement and information about “Kevin Reilly”. Kevin Reilly turns out to be the name of the Cal Backup QB, and Hart was unable to even provide a phone number or address to reach this “prankster”. So, while we can all laugh that this is wrong, my comeback will always be “so was ESPN”. You can read the final update here.

This story should clear up any questions:

FERNLEY, Nev. — A third party was allegedly involved in the recruiting gone bad of Fernley High School offensive lineman Kevin Hart, the Lyon County sheriff’s office said.

Hart, in a report taken Saturday by deputies, claims someone calling himself Kevin Riley represented himself as a recruiter — a middle man to big-time college football programs — and led the 6-foot-5, 290-pounder and his family to believe there were scholarship offers available when there were none.

Deputy Dan Lynch said the report alleges a crime of obtaining money under false pretenses, though finding a suspect could be difficult.

Easy answers to questions:

1. A person by the name of “Kevin Reilly” fooled Hart.

2. Hart paid him money to act in the capacity of acting as a middle man between Hart and big time college programs.

3. The police involvement is due to that payment.

The only question I have left is how much did he pay him? It seems that this mysterious person on the phone would have to be an idiot to get caught, so we’ll probably never hear from him again. Read below for the whole story.

– Warsh

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  1. I’m leaning towards the kid making this all up. He’s already been caught in at least one lie. He’s claims to have made official visits to a couple of the schools, but the visits in actuality never happened. I’ve never been on an official recruiting visit, but I assume it would be tough to fake. This update is made about 10 times more bizarre by the fact that Kevin Riley is a Cal QB.

  2. I just can’t believe he made the whole thing up. He’d not only have to be a serious liar, he’d have to be retarded too. The only way it could possibly end is to have the whole country call him on his bullshit. I’m leaning towards third party shenanigans.

  3. Maybe Cal’s backup QB is just doing his own recruiting these days. He knows he’ll probably be a starter in a couple of years, and maybe he just likes what this kid has to offer.

    Any way this story plays out this kid has to be dumb as a bag of rocks.

    1. If it was a scam for money, why would you pay money to be recruited? They are the ones after you.

    2. If it’s just a prank I’d love to see videos of his official visits where he wasn’t allowed into any of the athletic complexes, and didn’t meet the actual coaches/players.

    3. If he made it up, I know he’s from a small town but that’s just stupid. If he wouldn’t have thrown a damn assembly and made a big deal out of picking the Cal hat it would be a little more forgivable.

    4. If he’s completely batshit crazy…. well I guess this one doesn’t necessarily make him dumb.

  4. As soon as I saw that he had paid money it was all too clear he had been ripped off. Whatever he says, whoever this guy on the phone was, he was just trying to get as much money as he could out of a naive, optimistic person. Its a shame that Kevin Hart had to be publicly ridiculed as the victim of this, as i assure you countless money schemes happen each day in the USA. Hopefully we can all use this to see just how low people will go to get a couple bucks, including sending a paypal invoice for 12 dollars.

  5. I believe the sender of that famed $12 Paypal invoice was The Trifecta’s own Danny Ritterman.

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