Pedro Martinez Cockfighting Video Surfaces – Suspend him Bud!

Warsh Sports

Sometimes, terrible things happen in this world. We all saw the horror that is possible when Mike Vick organized dog fights, leaving tens of dogs dead, maimed, or tortured. Now, something even worse has happened. Pedro Martinez, Cy Young Award winning pitcher and role model to millions of children, has been video taped at a cock fight. We are talking about innocent roosters here people, and if no one will stand for them, I will. I am calling for a least a 100 game suspension for Mr. Martinez, although I would support a suspension up to a length of 6 years. A 100 game suspension is twice as long as the suspension for taking performance enhancing drugs, and I think we can all agree that is the textbook definition of justice. After all, if providing money to facilitate dog fights is worse than unsuspectingly punching a human in the face, or stealing thousands of dollars from said human, than surely the harming of roosters, nature’s most gentle creatures, is more punishable than injecting yourself to be stronger and have tinier balls and a good amount of backne.


I call to you, Bud Selig, do not let this egregious act of violence go unpunished. What will it say to a nation of rooster loving children? And, there’s this!

“Martinez and Marichal laugh before releasing the roosters. The two took part as honorary “soltadores,” the word used to describe the person who puts the animal to fight.”

My god. Evil laughter while they send these roosters to slaughter? An “elevated” position that ended up being the reason Vick got hit so hard? Commissioner Selig, you must take a lesson from your way, way more successful brethren in the NFL. How did the NFL get so popular and breeze by baseball as America’s true past time? By suspending their popular, big market lefties for being mean to animals! So make your statement Bud – or will MLB stand idly by as witness to a thousand more murdered roosters?

– Warsh

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  1. You are a fag.

  2. We eat chicken everyday… They are kept under inhumane conditions so they don’t build muscle and have more meat on them to eat. It is legal in the dominican republic… You sir are an idiot…

  3. We keep dogs on leashes and walk them around in little sweaters. Is that worse than eating chickens? It’s not for me to say. What is for me to say is that I WILL NOT STAND BY while Pedro Martinez uses his fame to further his anti-rooster agenda. Go ahead though, find a rooster and claw its face up. I’m sure Pedro would be proud of you.

  4. Hey, the roosters want to be tough and fight.Let them show who’s the toughest

  5. Pedro Martinez is despicable for his inhumane treatment of innocent animals. I see he is not a man of decency or integrity, but a sicko like Vicko, except that Martiinez hides behind a ‘law’ in an otherwise lawless country. I will never again vacation in the Dominican Republic.

  6. you need to shut the fuck up

  7. you obviously haven’t spent much time around roosters if you think they’re natures most gentle creature. they’d kill each other outside of the ring without people watching too. Dogfighting is vicious because you actually have to train the dogs to kill, roosters are vicious by nature.

  8. Thanks for taking 4 months to craft your response. You are completely right! dogs aren’t naturally violent at all. I might just delete this entire site now.

  9. You Must be American, yes definitely. Cock fight is legal in the Dominican Republic and every Latin country. So what do you say about Americans killing innocent deers and wolves. enlighten yourself.

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