Sony’s Blu-Ray Beat HD-DVD in the Format War… Really?


As you may have already heard, today Toshiba announced that it will begin to halt its production of HD-DVD players and recorders, thus killing the format. This decision was inevitable following Paramount’s decision a month ago to opt only for Blu-Ray, it wasn’t the finishing move per se, but it was the Rock Bottom that everyone knew would soon be followed by the People’s Elbow for the Blu-Ray victory. And now that this is final and Blu-Ray won the format war, it’s time to ask: Really?


First of all, let’s examine the ridiculousness of the fucking name: Blu-Ray. Were they too cool for the “e” in Blue? It seems like a name picked to appeal to the ADD generation, one that is still in its teens and has little to no purchase power. HD-DVD is simple; it’s like DVD, but in HD. Get it?

The price points of the two formats boggle the mind. Currently, a cheap Blu-Ray player is about 400 bucks, while a HD-DVD player is about 150. There’s no real difference in video quality between the two, so why pay the extra money? Discs are all the same price, so what rational consumer goes to the store and says, “Yeah, you’re right Sony, I don’t need these 250 bucks.” If by chance you are one of these people, please Paypal $250 to, cause I guarantee I need the money more than Sony or Best Buy does.

Sure, now Blu-Ray has the exclusive rights to almost every movie on the planet, but before this shift, the market was fairly split. Were Sony’s exclusive films that much more appealing than the others? Does anyone in the fucking world want to own a copy of Superman Returns that bad? I really hope they don’t. That movie was 2 hours of my life wasted I will never ever get back. Back then I figured my spare time was worth about 20 bucks an hour, a modest rate compared to my current one, so Bryan Singer, I’ll take that 40 dollar check anytime buck-o.

In the end, I guess I really can’t say I care too much about Sony’s win. I really was rooting against them because of the aforementioned reasons, but it’s not like I was dumb enough to enter this fray before the victor was crowned unlike some of my friends (Travis) who declared their HD-DVD players a wise investment. Mama didn’t raise no fool. I guess it’s just a sign of the current mindset, one where more expensive technology with a “cool” (read: lame) name can beat a logical, affordable one. And all you Blu-Ray players, I wasn’t kidding, send me that money.

– Meller

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  1. The name may be lame but what you didn’t seem to recognize is the fact that Sony has a huge installed base of folks who are out buying Blu-Ray Discs because they purchased a Playstation 3 for some hardcore gaming, even though the selection of sweet games that weren’t already on Box 360 has been basically non-existent. Everyone and their grandma may be playing Nintendo Wii but there are still hundreds of thousands of PS3s out there and all those fine folks are picking up Blu-Rays and enjoying the superior picture that is actually better than HD on television or HD-DVDs. Everyone buying HD-DVDs had to pick up a HD-DVD player separate from any other device, so the sales of HD-DVDs got killed by the sale of Blu-Rays. I certainly won’t be picking up a HD-DVD player for 200 bucks, but that $400 price tag on the PS3 is getting more enticing by the day, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that when that day comes I’ll be picking up quite a few Blu-Rays unhindered by shelves cluttered with some other lesser format. That day could come soon if I have another exceptional poker night Thursday, but will certainly be no later than the God of War 3 release date. The end has come. Format war over. Wonderful news.

  2. The HD-DVD player is now the most expensive drink coaster I own, and I’m damn proud of it.

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