It’s a Very Musical Monday: Sticks & Stones, Warpaint and a Conchords Update!

rich media
If you read the title of this article you’ll notice that it rhymes; that’s because it’s a musical update Snucka! Today I’ll be discussing three albums which should all be on your radar. Let’s jump right in.


Sticks & Stones is the latest studio effort from the five headed jam band behemoth moe. Their previous two albums Wormwood and The Conch are both in my personal top 20 favorite studio albums of all time. Both Wormwood and The Conch used a combination of live jams with studio overlays to really capture the live aspect of moe, while maintaining the high quality audio expected from a studio album. While I can certainly wholeheartedly recommend both of these albums to jam band familiars it wasn’t until this latest album that I could recommend one of their records to the masses. Unlike previous moe efforts Sticks & Stones consists of new songs that have never been played live and don’t have lengthy jam sessions embedded within them. The result is a mellow, yet powerful CD that can be enjoyed by a larger spectrum of people with various musical tastes. You can listen to a couple tracks off the album for free at just to get a taste.


After some break ups, some solo projects and a reunion tour, The Black Crowes are releasing their first studio album in 7 years. Warpaint is being released tomorrow, March 4th, and even as I write this my body is tingling with excitement. Poor Chris Robinson (lead singer of The Black Crowes) has been dumped by his former movie star wife Kate Hudson (I still think of her as Penny Lane from Almost Famous) for Owen Wilson. I definitely get it; Owens got washboard abs, hilarity and is an extremely fine actor, but come on. Chris Robinson is a rock legend, and I always thought that was the sweetest part about Kate Hudson; she digs music. Now she’s just a member of another standard Hollywood couple who will have ridiculously good looking children. Weak sauce. Thankfully Chris and Kate managed to have a child together who will no doubt be good looking and talented. Anyway… back to the album. I haven’t heard more than 2 songs so I can’t actually review the album, although apparently some douche-bag from a much more reputable news source than The Trifecta (cough… cough… Maxim) did exactly that. Said douche has since apologized but apparently the Crowes rejected his apology, which I think is an appropriate response. We can all make up our own minds when we listen to the entire album tomorrow Maxim. If you love rock and roll I’d suggest giving these boys a chance, because no one rocks it quite like The Black Crowes do.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a Conchords update but now that there’s some concrete info to report, Rich Siegel: Media Man is on it. Their EP, The Distant Future, has won the Grammy for best comedy album of the year and their full length studio album is being released in the states on April 22nd (the album cover is pictured above). As for a second helping of the HBO show there have apparently been some delays reportedly due to the writers’ strike, although I have an inkling that is just a convenient cover up to the real problem which is that the Conchords have to write all new songs for the new season. They used up their entire back catalog that took them years to write for season 1. Either way, HBO says we can expect a new season in the beginning of 2009, so keep your fingers crossed Conchords fans.

– Rich


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  1. After listening to the album 3 times since midnight last night I’d say its on par with past Crowes albums, so if you’ve enjoyed the Crowes in any capacity in the past you’d most certainly enjoy Warpaint. Eat it maxim.

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