It’s Time Nintendo Jumped on the iRevolution

I’ve seen Nintendo’s corporate sentiment change from “We’re not worried about Apple” to “We see Apple as our biggest competitor” over the past 2 years.  It seems so obvious to me that Apple has presented Nintendo with a way to make a small fortune very easily that they simply have decided not to take advantage of.

The number 1 reason I want to Jailbreak my iPad 2 is to use an original NES emulator with a Wii mote as a controller, specifically to play Mario Bros. 3 & Battletoads.  For those of you who have Jail broken your iOS device you can head to this link to do it yourself.   Who doesn’t want to play all their old favorite Nintendo games on their iPad/iPhone/iPod?  Why doesn’t Nintendo see the 39 million plus (and growing exponentially everyday) iOS devices out there as a cash cow?  If Nintendo released an App called Nintendo NES with the ability to get more games via in app purchases I guarantee it would be the top downloaded app in under 48 hours after it was released.  If they released it for free with original Mario on it, selling additional games for $0.99 I’d bet they’d pocket over $40 million within their first year.  That doesn’t even consider the potential for SNES & N64 apps.  The revenue doesn’t have to stop there either.  If they sold along with this app a Nintendo branded wireless controller that bluetooth synced with all idevices that worked seamlessly with their app they’d have another blockbuster product on their hands.

I’ve read statements from Nintendo that the casual games on Apple products don’t present a threat to them because the quality of the games are poor.  If you think these games are of poor quality (which some of them most certainly are not) then its time for you to compete and bring that Nintendo gaming magic to Apple’s devices, because trust me there will be more of them in the hands of avid gamers in the future.  Capcom, Square Enix, Atari & more now have their classic games available on the App Store. What are you waiting for Nintendo?  The waters are warm and lucrative, why not atleast try dipping your toe in and see if you like it?

– Rich


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