I was born and raised close enough to Philadelphia to tell people that I’m from there, when actually it was slightly north in a comfy suburb, free from city perils such as murder, wage tax, and extensive parallel parking. I spent four years at Penn State, majoring in journalism and Englishism. It was at the University’s prestigious Daily Collegian student newspaper where I cut my teeth (ow) as a reporter, writing for nine semesters mostly about music — some I liked, some I didn’t, some I lied about to get free stuff. And that’s the reason I’m totally psyched to be the new sports reporter for the Trifecta!!!

If you fell for that, you probably listen to some mainstream bullshit like the Jonas Brothers and I hate you. OK, I’m kidding. But I think the most accurate label for myself as a critic is “self-aware music snob.” I’m always open to the possibility that others have opinions, but in most cases, I’d appreciate a thorough explanation of why. More importantly, I’ve been listening to and studying tons of music since a very young age, and I’m obsessed with it. I was recently offended by an overzealous Jeopardy! contestant who tried to impress Alex by describing his 200-disc CD “collection.” I could give away 200 CDs to my friends and family as stocking-stuffers and still have enough discs left over to start up a small radio station. I would then hope to tell that story someday on Jeopardy! myself.

I’m not perfect. One time I learned a Creed song on guitar to impress a girl, with semi-positive results. I own a Hall and Oates greatest hits CD. But in the immortal words of Tupac/Bruce Hornsby, “That’s just the way it is.” And as you will come to realize through my Trifecta posts, my opinion is usually the way it is.

– Paul

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Hello online world. I have been on the wired internet since 1993 with Prodigy, AOL, DSL, Cable, T1s, and on the wireless internet since 2002 with GPRS, 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0, 802.11a,b,g, and yet this is my publishing debut. Sure, I have spouted off on message boards, sent in the occasional news article, and even submitted written works for competitions, but this is my first foray into the world of making others read my thoughts. So Trifecta readers, welcome in! I am a technology enthusiast to my core, and am a bleeding edge early adopter when I can afford to be. My current gadget set includes an IBM X61 Laptop with a Penryn Core 2 Duo, an iPod Touch 16GB with 50% movies and 50% music, a Samsung i830 GSM/CDMA Windows Mobile Phone, a Media Center 2005 Desktop PC, 32” Samsung LCD TV, XBOX 360, XM Radio, and Charter cable. I hope to bring you articles which will not only be entertaining, but also help to edumacate you on what it is to know what a geek knows. As to a career, I am strongly oriented towards business, have recently graduated from Washington University in St Louis, and will begin life as a strategic consultant in a few short months. Feel free to email me if you have any topics you’d like to see covered, and check back soon for my first post on how to make the most out of your iPod / iPhone.

– Jewbin

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I like to consider myself in the upper echelon of just about everything. Most people call me by my last name, but I sign all my emails as God. Recently some girl told me that she could see herself calling me God later on that night. This is not a rare occurrence. I’ve convinced people that my shit does not actually stink, as well as that I was an up and coming NASCAR driver, a professional tap dancer, a regular on “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and a bestselling novelist. I can do whatever I put my mind to, including flying. I’m pretty much as good as it fucking gets.

A lot of people will tell you that an opinion can’t be wrong. They’ll cry, “It’s a personal belief, what my soul tells is right.” Bullshit. I’m here to tell you those people are fucking morons, and that most opinions are, in fact, wrong because most of the world is filled with idiots. What you readers will get from me is not only an opinion, but the correct opinion. If I say something is good, you can bet your ass it is. Check back soon for some holy posts.

– God

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Greetings Trifecta subscribers. This is my first post on The Trifecta, and to be very blunt, I’m doing it for the money. The cheddar. The dollar dollar billz yall. Rich asked me to be a special guest author on the Trifecta because he’s trying to get enough hits to make some bling. This is an ambitious and unreasonable goal, but I’ll humor him because we’ve been pals since freshman year of high school, we’ve lived in Tokyo for a summer, and because I’d love to get me somma dat green paper.

My addition to The Trifecta will alter the mission statement a bit, because I probably won’t be writing about electronics, media, or sports. I will be telling you outrageous stories from the life of an obscure individual. Check back soon for my first post about one crazy night Rich and I had in Tokyo.

– Evan

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Densen Intro

Let me first say that if you wear jean shorts, you probably shouldn’t read my posts. Confused? We’ll get there; I just wanted to take care of a little business before getting into the good stuff.

I probably should be doing something else right now (specifically laundry, only 1 pair of boxers left before I either switch to mesh shorts or deal with the inevitable: a trip to the local Laundromat which, thankfully, is next door to a Mexican restaurant that has good queso sauce and cheap pitchers of dos equis). But no, I’m sitting at my laptop, writing this little intro so you all can get to know the wonder that is Densen. I’ve chosen mesh shorts over fresh boxers, a small sacrifice but a sacrifice nonetheless, to bring to you my opinions on a few choice subjects. My reasoning is that I have a passion for what I’ll be writing about and that passion has led to my exploration of these topics, mostly dining, beverages, and nightlife. Through my experiences I have gained a fair amount of knowledge and formulated some opinions and tips that I think could be useful for like-minded individuals. You may not agree with what I have to say, but the beauty of this whole internet thing is it works both ways so you can turn my advice into intelligent discourse with your comments. Unless you don’t have anything smart and salient to say, in which case I will be forced to make fun of you, and I’m a nice guy so I don’t want to do that, even though it can be very funny, unless your stupidity forces my hand. I hate stupid people, almost as much as jean shorts. Fuckin jean shorts. Luckily for me, stupid people often wear jean shorts, making them easily identifiable and therefore avoidable. Anyways, what you’ll be getting from me is ancillary to the Trifecta, but hopefully significantly more interesting. In all seriousness, I’d like to thank the guys of the Trifecta for giving me a forum for my thoughts, and hopefully people will find this stuff more valuable than the ranting and raving of your local crazy homeless person, but equally entertaining (Growing up in my hometown we had ‘Opera Man’ and the ridiculous homeless rapper ‘Phenomenon’). I figured I’d end with a little recap since I figure most of you reading this don’t know me, which is not the case with the other guys. So, Densen in a dozen words or less: Likes-cooking, drinking, going out. Dislikes-jean shorts, stupid people, bees. Sound good to you? Then check back soon for my first full post, and be sure to check out the others guys’ stuff, they’re all very smart and funny too.

– Densen

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Warsh Intro

If you were able to dig your way through the massive amount of content on this site to read what Rich said about himself, the general theme was that he is a media pusher. And like so many things before, Rich is pushing this blog on two people who he knows will say yes, but who would certainly not have done it on their own. Anyone who hangs out with Rich a lot just assumes they will be forced to watch whatever Rich wants to watch, play whatever video game he just bought, go out to eat wherever he feels like eating, and listen to whatever show he just downloaded on the ride there. It’s not a problem – we all like what Rich likes, and we hang out so rarely any more that his choices don’t have time to get old. But he’s a pusher, and so here this sleek new wordpress site is.

This might be a good time to mention that, although everyone but Ric Romero has heard way too much about blogs in the last few years, the idea to do a blog only came to Rich when 1. my good buddy Jonah started a blog then 2. went away to Scotland and 3. couldn’t write about TV anymore and 4. asked me to guest write his blog for him for a few weeks. 5. Rich read it and the rest is history. The epic, timeless history of the origins of this blog. Although now that I think back, I think Jonah (original blog-starting trailblazer) would’ve been better off writing the blog himself, but about Scottish TV. It had to be hilarious. Just awful quality shows with Scottish people everywhere. I would’ve been captivated.

So I wrote about tv shows for MMM, which I closely associated to homework – instead of just watching TV I had to write about it too. Then Rich long distance stealth-pushed this on me from St. Louis. I really felt like stopping, but its not like I have anything better to do. So, thanks for visiting our new blog. If you enjoyed it read it again sometime soon.


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Rich Intro

I would have to guess that everyone reading this site knows one of us very well and possibly knows all of us. For my first post I’d like to talk about the site and what I hope we can do with it. As you all know, I am a media pusher. I push media on my friends, my family and even random people on the street. Some of you have come to rely on me for media advice, while some are all too often disappointed with media I’ve hyped up. For me, this site will serve as a new media pushing forum. I’ll talk about all forms of media including television shows, movies, video games, music, books and electronics attempting to be funny and interesting along the way. While some of my attempts at hilarity will fail, I can assure you that those of Mr. Warshaw will not. After reading some of Warsh’s posts on his friend’s site I couldn’t stop laughing at his ridiculous rants. On this site I encourage the rants and hope they’ll bring people back to the site for more. Warsh will be providing a second opinion on media as well as cover sports. Rounding out the Trifecta we have Danny Ritterman covering electronics and sports. No words of praise need be said for Danny, but I will say that I expect he will balance out my general positivity with his negativity. Welcome to The Trifecta.

– Rich

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