I was born and raised close enough to Philadelphia to tell people that I’m from there, when actually it was slightly north in a comfy suburb, free from city perils such as murder, wage tax, and extensive parallel parking. I spent four years at Penn State, majoring in journalism and Englishism. It was at the University’s prestigious Daily Collegian student newspaper where I cut my teeth (ow) as a reporter, writing for nine semesters mostly about music — some I liked, some I didn’t, some I lied about to get free stuff. And that’s the reason I’m totally psyched to be the new sports reporter for the Trifecta!!!

If you fell for that, you probably listen to some mainstream bullshit like the Jonas Brothers and I hate you. OK, I’m kidding. But I think the most accurate label for myself as a critic is “self-aware music snob.” I’m always open to the possibility that others have opinions, but in most cases, I’d appreciate a thorough explanation of why. More importantly, I’ve been listening to and studying tons of music since a very young age, and I’m obsessed with it. I was recently offended by an overzealous Jeopardy! contestant who tried to impress Alex by describing his 200-disc CD “collection.” I could give away 200 CDs to my friends and family as stocking-stuffers and still have enough discs left over to start up a small radio station. I would then hope to tell that story someday on Jeopardy! myself.

I’m not perfect. One time I learned a Creed song on guitar to impress a girl, with semi-positive results. I own a Hall and Oates greatest hits CD. But in the immortal words of Tupac/Bruce Hornsby, “That’s just the way it is.” And as you will come to realize through my Trifecta posts, my opinion is usually the way it is.

– Paul

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